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SAVARA and Testable Architecture

The Savara project has been established to create tool support around the concept of Testable Architecture. To understand more about Testable Architecture, please read the "What is Testable Architecture?" page, but in a nutshell it is about ensuring artifacts defined at different stages of the software development lifecycle are valid against each other, and remain valid through the evolution of the system.

The first version of Savara was primarily focused on Eclipse tooling around the use of WS-CDL to describe the architecture as a choreography, with some basic monitoring and validation capabilities around jbossws and jbossesb.

The goal of Savara 2 is to provide a more general set of tools that can be used in both Eclipse and web based tooling, as well as embedded in applications as required. Although initially the choreography will still be specified in WS-CDL, we are adding BPMN2 support. In terms of runtime monitoring, our initial focus will be on JBossAS7 based technologies.

Current features supported in Savara 2:

  • Documenting business requirements as scenarios representing both valid and invalid business transactions
  • Creating a choreography to illustrate the overall (or global) behaviour of a distributed system
  • Simulation of the scenarios against the choreography, to ensure it meets the business requirements
  • Generation of HTML based documentation from the WS-CDL choreography
  • Generation of BPMN2 Process based service designs from the choreography
  • Generation of WS-BPEL processes (with required WSDL and deployment descriptor) from the choreography
  • Generation of WSDL service contracts from the choreography
  • Generation of SCA Java based service implementations from the choreography
  • Simulation of the scenarios (business requirements) against the SCA Java based service implementations


Feel free to download the current release and try out the capabilities. Use the forums to discuss areas of interest. Report any issues or feature requests to jira.

Its still early days in terms of the project, and we have great ambitions, so please get involved. We welcome contributions - so if you have an area that you would like to work on and contribute to the project, please post to the developer forum.



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